Art is my passion. It’s the only thing in my life I have never quit. This piece is special to me and one of my favorites. The words say, “All our lives we live in chains and never realize we hold the key”.

For years I have lived in those metaphorical “chains”. It seemed as if it wasn’t one thing it was another holding me back, keeping me down and making me feel … well, worthless.

Some of those hindrances were the abuse I have endured: physical, mental, emotional, and even sexual. I had a warped sense of what “love” was supposed to be. I continued putting myself in those types of situations like so many people in general do. For whatever reason, the abuse becomes “normal”. I would inadvertently destroy the most “healthy” relationship. I did this because I always waited for the “abuse” to start. I expected the “bottom to fall out” because in my life, it ALWAYS did. If for whatever reason it didn’t,  I would make it happen because in my mind it was just a matter of time before it did. It almost became a defensive mechanism. If I was the one doing the hurting, I couldn’t be hurt.

I realized I was behaving this way on my own. I was literally creating my own hell. It took someone I love very much leaving. I made them hate me. They would reach out and I would shove harder. I was letting my past have control over not just my present time but my future. Then, I realized … “I” hold the key!!! I could escape! It was just a matter of realizing my actions and the cause (triggers). I decided to change. It is my belief EVERYONE deserves to be happy.

I have changed the way I am and here are my thoughts. I am almost positive each of you will agree with me once you read what I have to say.

The BEST thing you can do is don’t get angry. (I know right!) However, getting angry won’t change the event. Whatever upset you STILL happened! Getting angry won’t take it back. ( FYI – When you get angry, an endorphin is released in the brain that kills MORE brain cells than ANY drug in the world at an increased rate)

When someone compliments you,  accept it as truth (even if you don’t think they’re right because others see you more clearly than you see yourself)

All the traits you love about the people in your life … guess what? You have them as well. (How else would you be able to identify them? After all, as the saying goes … “Birds of a feather flock together”)

Take your own “key” set YOUR SELF free!! Don’t let ANYONE steal your sunshine!!

The best is … SMILE and hold your head high! Smiling is contagious and you’ll feel better!

Live life to the fullest!
Laugh as often as possible!!
Love like there won’t be a tomorrow!!!